If you are interested in lessons, I offer an 8 week workshop in Lee’s Summit.

Workshops are held in person in small groups.

Required Equipment: A DSLR a and a thumb drive.

Message me for details on dates, price and available spots.


Workshop for the Beginner

This workshop is for beginners.

If you don’t know much about photography but want to learn, this workshop will cover the basics.

Camera Modes (Auto- Manual and more)


Shutter Speed


How ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture affect your images.

Understanding Exposure

White Balance

Workshop for the Serious Photographer -Part A

This workshop builds on the previous workshop.

However if you already know about all terms listed above and shoot in manual mode, you may consider starting here.

Understanding the Histogram

Understanding the EXIF Data

Mega Pixels and Print Size Options

Digital Sensor Size- “Full Frame” vs “Cropped Frame”

Metering Modes

Rule of Thirds, Composition, Leading Lines, and Framing

Raw vs JPEG

Workshop for the Serious Photographer -Part B

This workshop builds on the previous workshop, part A and you must take A to take B.

Back button Focusing

Adjusting Focus Points

Exposure Compensation

Lenses- when to use what lens

Flashes- on camera vs off camera

Portraits and Silhouettes

Posing –Solo, Couple, Families, Maternity, and infants

Shooting back light shots

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