Help Fight Cancer For Cooper

Thank You For Helping Cooper Fight This Cancer.

Auction is LIVE

Monday September 17th and run through Sunday September 23rd, closing at 11:59pm CST

Meet Cooper, such a sweet and energetic little boy!  He is my little cousin who is only four years old and on August 31, 2012 was diagnosed with cancer.  He had a tumor on his kidney called a Wilms Tumor which was removed on September 06, 2012.  The tumor was very large, about the size of a football and did leak a bit when they took it out.  The cancer has spread to his lungs and this can only be treated with 6-12 months of kemo and radiation which starts this week. My hopes are to  raise money to help the family fight this cancer.

Get to know Cooper at

Want to donate to Cooper but not participate in the auction? Donate via Paypal.

How can you help?
Go bid on whatever you choose, and yes vendors you can participate as well!
All you have to do is click on the vendor/item below that you want to bid on and leave your bid amount in the comment box along with your PayPal address or email address. A few Photography sessions are specific to an area (make sure to look for that).
Feel free to share the Help Fight Cancer For Cooper link, the more the better!
The bidding will open Monday September 17th and run through Sunday September 23rd, closing at 11:59pm CST.
Placing your bid
 Bid only in whole dollar amounts.When you place your first bid please include your PayPal address (if you do not have one, your email address will suffice). Once the bidding is over you will be invoiced for your winning bid amount via PayPal, at which point you have 48 hours to pay or the next highest bidder will then have the option to pay their bid amount for the item(s).  Check back often on your items to see if you have been out bid, it’s not eBay so DO NOT expect an email notifying you that you’ve been out bid.
***************BUT if you check the box below the comment area that says “Notify me of follow-up comments via email” then you will get an email that tells you someone else has bid *************
100% of the bids will go to Cooper and his family for fighting this cancer.  Winning bid is final and cannot be disputed.  This is to be a peaceful, uplifting auction and behavior should be conducted as such – so be nice and be fair.  You can bid on as many items as you choose, just be aware that if you are the winning bidder you are expected to follow through with your commitment.  Once your payment has been received you will then be put in contact with your vendor to claim your items.
ALL of these Vendors/Business donated these items or services out of the kindness of their heart.  Share the love and “LIKE” their Facebook page.  It is NOT required to bid on the auction items.
OK Here they are!!!!! Click the link below for pictures, details, and to BID 🙂
**Message me if you are having a hard time bidding **
Kansas City Area

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